someone explain the citadel of ricks in rick and morty

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I 'm confused by what the citadel of ricks is in rick and morty. If the main rick ( the rick that is in every episode, im just gonna call him main rick) has a portal gun, he can visit the citadel whenever he likes. As it happens he doesnt like the citadel or anything to do with it so he doesnt go there very often. but if he wanted to he can visit the citadel using his portal gun, but he doesnt live there. he lives on his version of earth and so would only go to the citadel to visit. why is it in "the tales of the citadel episode" that all the ricks on the citadel live there and work there? I mean, main rick can only access the citadel because he built his portal gun, but all the ricks in this episode live there and work there despite many of them being very unhappy. but it says in this episode as well that all of the ricks have the same iq. which is genius level iq right? So i guess what im saying is why do all of the ricks not appear to have their own versions of earth just like main rick does? they couldnt have been born on the citadel because all ricks are the same age and so when they were born the citadel couldnt have existed. and even so, when you look at how intelligent main rick is, i find it hard to believe that the ricks that have been working in the factory all their life arent intelligent enough to do something about it, like get off the citadel somehow. especially considering all ricks are supposed to be geniuses. in this episode, all of the ricks work and behave like normal people as if there is a normal society. which doesnt add up with the whole all ricks are geniuses thing. Its kind of hard for me to articulate exactly what my main questions are, but can someone try to clear some of this up for me please? like how did the citadel even come about if the ricks are just normal civillians? cheers

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