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Below is a list of the Universities currently offering medicine in the UK, the 2021 Index is here:

Please keep university specific discussion to these threads and use the Medicine forum for more general queries/conversations.

UK Universities
Aberdeen A100
ARU A100
Aston A100
Barts A100
Barts A101
Birmingham A100
Birmingham A101
Bristol A100
Bristol A108 (Gateway to Medicine)
Brunel A100
Buckingham - January 2022 start
Cambridge A100
Cambridge A101
Cardiff A100
Cardiff A104 (Medicine with a Preliminary Year) (Course no longer offered)
Chester GEM
Dundee A100
Dundee A104 (Gateway to Medicine)
Edge Hill A100
Edge Hill A110
Edinburgh A100
Edinburgh MBChB for HCP
Exeter A100
Glasgow A100
HYMS A101 (Medicine with a Gateway Year)
Imperial A100
Imperial A101 (Course suspended)
Keele A100
Keele A104 (Health Foundation Year)
KCL A100
KCL A102
Kent and Medway A100
Lancaster A100
Lancaster A104
Lancaster A900 (now called A104)
Leeds A100
Leicester A100
Leicester A199 (Medicine with Foundation Year)
Lincoln A10L
Lincoln A18L (Medicine with a Foundation Year)
Liverpool A100
Liverpool A101
Liverpool 789S (Foundation to Health and Veterinary Studies (Medicine) Year 0)
Manchester A104 (6 years including foundation year)
Manchester A106
Newcastle A100
Newcastle A101
Nottingham A100
Nottingham A101
Nottingham A108 (Medicine with a Foundation Year)
Oxford A100
Oxford A101
Plymouth A100
Plymouth A102 (BMBS with Foundation (Year 0))
QUB A100
Sheffield A100
Sheffield A101
Southampton A100 (BM5)
Southampton A101 (BM4)
Southampton A102 (BM6)
St Andrews A100
St Andrews A101 / ScotGEM
St Andrews Gateway to Medicine
St Andrews A990
Sunderland A100
Swansea A101
UCL A100
UCLan A100
UEA A100
UEA A104 (Medicine with a Gateway Year)
Ulster A101
Warwick A101

Universities allied with the UK
Barts Malta A100

Overseas Universities
(Not listed here - please post to the International Studies forum)

Note: bumping of any of previous year's entry threads will lead to that thread being immediately locked. Please consider using PM.

Note: bumping of any of previous year's entry threads will lead to that thread being immediately locked. Please consider using PM.
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