Did our economy ever recover from the 2010 flash crash?

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Yes, so horribly true... We're living in a world where Baby Boomer Tories are leading Britain, with their mid-20th mind-sets which prioritize money over people. What's even worse, like you mentioned above, our country won't learn from the current epidemic or from Brexit and will likely vote for the tories in the coming decade. This is due to the majority of the newspapers being right wing, providing the public a right-wing perspective of the world, hence increasing the likelihood of them voting conservative.

It's common for you to move further right on the political spectrum as you age, to support and protect your wealth and land. So, the fact the population shape is transforming into a dome shows how the tories are really destined to have more power and elections, especially with the electoral system we currently have (first past the post).

Yes, but whilst becoming more right wing as we age is partially true, the Conservative Party has stopped being conservative and has become a radical right wing populist party. The people I remember as mainstream Conservatives in the 1992 election (I'm a bit older than most people on here!) have all either died, been expelled or been silenced by the current incumbents. When I was a kid in 1992 the Tories were really a party of entrepreneurs and senior business figures like Heseltine, Clarke, Major and Patten with a few aristocratic hangers on and the odd knuckle dragging racist like Norman Tebbit. People like Iain Duncan Smith were considered nutcases who were confined to the backbenches. Now it's the other way around.

What you'll find in the next few years is that people who would formerly have graduated to the Conservative Party as they get older are more likely to remember the Conservative Party as being in power when their business was rocked by Brexit. For example, whereas when I began my career it was a true blue industry, you won't find many Conservative voters in my division in the bank I work at now (besides the odd one nearing retirement) because of Brexit. Brexit has been a reckless policy and people in business will remember that. Also, a big part of becoming conservative as we age is meant to be about rejecting radicalism and that has been thoroughly debunked by boomers voting for Brexit.

Also, younger people are not really accruing much wealth. The main way most people in the past built wealth was through home ownership but those of us who are home owners even in our late thirties like me are the minority now. People need something to protect to become conservative and that is not happening.

I think the Tories are on borrowed time. They are wildly popular with older voters but their support amongst my age group and younger is static at around 25-30% and remaining so.

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