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I applied to university back in October as I applied to Oxford which meant the deadline was earlier. However my school was in a temporary closure due to covid at the point of application and my communication with my teachers was very strained. My teachers were uncertain about UCAS applications and communication was weak and complicated so I thought I had to apply to all 5 of my choices at once. So I sent off my 5 choices: Oxford, Exeter, Bristol, Manchester and Birmingham. However it's been so long since then and my Oxford application was rejected, Manchester offered me an alternative offer and I've had the chance to visit Bristol and Birmingham and don't think I would really like it there. Exeter had been my favoured university and uni course for a while, but then the government announced the cancellation of A-Levels. Because of this it looks like I'm going to get A*AA instead of AAA-AAB, which is what I thought I would get had i sat exams, and is the entry requirements for English lit and history course at Durham.

Because of this I have considered declining all my offers and moving into Extra. I know you have to apply one by one, and I am unsure if it's worth the risk to apply to Durham and potentially lose my place at Exeter on a course I really like at a uni I would be happy at.

The reason I am thinking of Durham is that I will now probably meet the entry requirements, and it was always somewhere I didn't think of because I didn't think I could get in. I can't help but see it as an opportunity that I wouldn't have had before, and i don't know whether to go for it or not? I'm worried that I won't be able to get my place back if I declined it now, decided not to go to Durham (or they didn't want me) and then not get back on the course.

I should also mention that the course I applied to at Exeter is English with Creative writing and the course I would apply to at Durham would be English lit and history. Both I would enjoy but i'd prefer the Exeter course a bit more.

Do any current Durham or Exeter students have any advice they could offer me? Is it worth risking my place at Exeter for a shot at Durham?
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" i'd prefer the Exeter course a bit more."

If you'd prefer the Exeter course, go for exeter, at the end of the day the course is what really matters
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Ask Durham if that course is open for applications through Extra. Also ask if they would consider your application, given grades, reference etc. Don't trust them verbally, as Durham have a reputation for not always treating applicants fairly.

Consider their response before making a decision.

And in the end, the course is most important.

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