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S6 subject choices for medicine

I have received my option form for S6 and i am really stuck. I’m hoping to apply for medicine/ biomedical science so this is what I’m planning so far: AH biology and maths, higher chemistry. I need to take one more subject but the subjects I was hoping to take (either geography or psychology) are impossible to take due to the way the blocked subjects are. The only subjects I can/ am willing to take is either: AH history, higher politics or business as the blocks are awful. Do you think I should take 3 AH and H chem? ( I am also crashing higher chemistry) or politics over history? Any advice would be really appreciated!!!
i guess it would depend on what you did in s5 for me I did 5 highers in s5 ( bio,chem,maths,french,english) and achieved A's. In s6 i did adv chem, adv bio and higher psychology. In my experience of applying to medicine ( offers from dundee, edi and aberdeen) you don't actually need 3 AH to get in. I would say especially if you are crashing chemistry then there is no need to do more than your BIo , maths and higher chem. People that I know who tried to do 3AH or 4 subjects didn't end up taking exams in them all so if you don't need the grades then i would just focus on what you need for the courses and what you think you will enjoy. hope that helps. :smile: you can always double check with the unis beforehand so you dont get dissapointed in the application stage.
Hello, i am currently taking higher psychology have you got any tips or revision techniques as i am struggling to properly write and structure model answers. Any help would be much appreciated!

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