How to deal with slow progress & fear of weight gain

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I’ve made so much progress in my weight loss & fitness journey since november. I’m not exactly where i want to be yet but still, i’m proud. i’ve shown myself that progress takes time and dedication but i still get anxious that i won’t be where i want to be (aesthetically) by a certain date (end of alevels), ik that long term slow progress is the most sustainable so how can i stop stressing about this dumb goal date i set at the start of my journey? also i’m scared of gaining all the weight back/gaining weight period. how can i learn to trust myself, i’ve literally proven to myself that i can do it yet i’m still anxious
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I've run marathons, but thinking of the whole 26 miles is daunting, so I break it down. In a race I count up how many miles I've done, then after halfway count down the miles left. So, I'd be thinking "I've done 10..11..12..13" then "only 8..7..6..5 to do."

In other words, first celebrate what you have done so far, and I'll add very well done for your achievements! Second, consider what you have left to do in terms of weight loss; it's now a much smaller number than when you first started.

You didn't go "what can I do for the end of A-levels? I know, I'll lose weight." You decided to lose weight, and happened to choose a date. However, you are doing exactly what you set out to do, so forget the when, it's arbitrary. Focus on the what and why; weight loss and health benefits. Best of luck!

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