Dnipro University and Why not to go 2021

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I studied at the university and know first hand how bad it is.
I was a post graduate who studied Pharmacy in England. I felt scammed by Medlink who promised soo much and delivered soo less. Im here to help and spread awareness.

Firstly, Ukraine is a third world country and so the university has links with the Mafia. I was shocked when i went there. The mafia run the place. The agency own the University and so those who have been trapped can not leave as the agency refuse to give there transcripts or give poor results. Unlike other universities in Europe, Dnirpro University requests full payment of the full year before starting, this is very clever from there part as onc you enrol you realise how bad the University is and can not leave. The agency will squeze as much money out of you as possible.

They pay students to say the university is amazing. As the university is owened by the agency alot of students pay the agaency to get full marks in there exams whilst they dont even turn up for exams. Alot of students have notified the GMC about this it its only a matter of time before something happens.

The teaching is very poor. For a whole semester I only had two modules and was in year three of the programme. There is no phsiology teachers at the university and physilogy is one of the key modules in Medicine. Most of the lecturers are students themselves. They are not paid much so often take bribes from students for higher grades.

The agency take most of the money themselves. The charge for going to the University is only 500 dollars as it is very poor but charge England students over 9k.

If you do decide t go I would suggest going there first and having a look. See the Univeristy and talk people on your class and be apart of the case so you can witness how it is. Classes are online so you can witness how they are first hand without going to the country. Secondly, pay in installments that way you dont lose all your money if you leave.

I wish i was told all this and much more before going and my only wish is that God punishes those who despite knwoing the truth remain silent and hurt people.
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