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I was wondering how to structure psychology 4,6,8,12,16,24 mark questions for AQA A2 psychology? And is the way of answering the questions different for Issues and Debates,Gender or Schizophrenia?
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If you're doing A2 AQA psychology then you won't be doing 12 mark questions - only 16 mark questions (12 markers are for AS). Also I don't think there are any 24 mark questions? Correct me if I'm wrong.

For 16 mark questions you need to write 6 marks worth of A01 - my teachers tell me that I need to write roughly around 150-180 words (1 paragraph).

Then you need to write 10 marks worth of A03 - the amount of A03 you write should be more than the A01(around twice the amount). You generally should be writing around 3-4 paragraphs. Make sure you write the paragraphs in an orderly way (e.g if 2 evaluation paragraphs link to each other, write one after the other)

My teachers say you need to write about 25 words per mark.
4 marks = 100 words
6 marks = 150 words
8 marks = 200 words
16 marks= 400 words
(Rough estimates). I think this is important so that you don't under/overwrite (thus you don't lose marks due to not writing enough and have enough time to answer other questions as toy're not writing too much).

I don't think the way of answering is different for the topics. Unless there is a stem - if a stem/item is present then there will be A02 marks (just mention quotes from the item) and thus less A01/A03 marks than in question without items.

Idk about the other question types though I'm really sorry

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