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I'm hoping someone can help, I'm on unit 8 and supposed to be completing an academic report based on Permission to Cry by David Campton.

I sent off my first draft and my tutor has come back saying it's too generalised. Can anyone help?

Rather desperate I have had a crappy month with a relationship breakdown and I now have 5 days in order to pull this out the bag.
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Is this the extended project unit? If it is your topic needs to be something specific about the book, so maybe about theme or compare it. Hope this helps.
Did you manage to complete this ok in the end? I'm on the same assignment presently and being a complete philistine when it comes to all things theatre am hating it! I have a framework, but finding it so tedious, so any pointers welcome.
Absolutely hating this assignment, just got my results back and received a resubmission. Any support available? I’ve got a few days to pull it out the bag myself

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