MSc Data Science (Environmental Analytics) at The University of Manchester

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Hi There!

I am an International student student interested in studying MSc Data Science in the UK. I have a few questions that I'd like you to share your opinion on,

1. I have offers from Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff and the University of Manchester for MSc Data Science (Academic Year: September 2021), How do these courses differ from the MSc Data Science (Environmental Analytics) at The University of Manchester?

2. How popular is the MSc Data Science (Environmental Analytics) at The University of Manchester?

3. Is it also true that Manchester is the next best city in the UK after London for Data Science Opportunities?

Please Advise.

It has been really difficult to find information or get in touch with graduates of MSc Data Science at UoM since they have tiny cohorts (comprising of 5-6 people as of 2020) for each of the 6 MSc Data Science courses

I have done a significant amount of research on all the courses at UoM, especially the MSc Data Science (Computer Science Data Informatics), and I'd gladly help out anyone getting started with it.

I also look forward to starting a group with those interested.
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