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There are often have questions surrounding academic v. social balance when it comes to the student life aspect of uni.

What does your timetable look like?
Part of this will depend on which degree you study.
Your timetable will be split into teaching hours allocated for the following - Lectures, Seminars, Tutorials, Labs/Practicals. Depending on your course, the number of contact hours which you have timetable will vary. For a humanities-based course, for example, your contact hours might be around 9 hours per week. A Science-based course may have 20 hours per week.

How many hours roughly do you spend doing independent work at uni?
This also depends on the course which you study. If you study a course such as History, you will be expected to do more hours of independent learning outside of your teaching hours to complete the reading material required to participate in discussions in a seminar. For science-based subjects, the studying required outside of your contact hours will be slightly different, it might include writing up reports after completing experiments in labs for example.

In general, each 20 credit module should approximately take 200 hours (made up of both independent and contact hours) however you might find that this is less or it might be more depending on your course.

What support is available to me during my studies?
There is a series of different types of support available to students throughout their studies.

Academic Support
Skills Team
Student Futures - this team helps you to fulfil your career potential
Learning Differences
Disability support
Mental Health Support

Further support available to students can be found here.

What can I get involved in outside of my studies?
There are lots of activities which you can get involved in alongside your studies.

It might be that you want to get involved in a sports team. There are over 50 sports clubs to choose from at Hull. More information about the teams can be found on the Hull University Students Union (HUSU) website -

Teams usually compete on a Wednesday afternoon if they are involved in BUCS but this will vary depending on the team.

It might be that you want to get involved in a society. The list of societies available can also be found on the HUSU website -

There is also a series of volunteering opportunities available for students to get involved in. These can be found on the HUSU website -

HUSU also run other activities which students can get involved in such as 'Give it a go' events

More information about HUSU can be found on their website -

It would be great to hear whether you have any questions, or if there are activities in which you might be interested in getting involved in.

Let us know

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