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Me again. It's like I don't stop with these a level questions. Well. So. Long story short I have been accepted to two sixth forms. I applied for maths, further maths and philosophy and one school offers philosophy, the other doesn't. The one that offers it, isn't a good or bad school, but the one that doesn't offer it, is like the best in the city. I adore philosophy, and I keep thinking I should go to the adequate school, and pursue philosophy, even though I won't do anything at university about philosophy, because my first passion is maths. Because the better school doesn't offer philosophy, they put me into psychology. After somer research, I realised that psychology isn't for me so I transferred to history. I like history, I don't have that much of a passion as I do for philosophy but it's not bad, I guess. I just want to ask about specifically aqa a level history, but it doesn't have to be aqa, just a level history. Is it really that difficult like people say it is? Is it really that content heavy? What's the coursework like? The topics are Tudors, Weimar Republic, Elizabeth and Nazis I think and then some coursework on the reformation of Europe or something. I wish I could do philosophy, but at the end of the day I have to think about maths and which school will offer me the best results, even though I know that if I go to the worse school, I will work as hard and push myself for high grades but I do want good teachers because maths and further maths are difficult. Philosophy is just a hobby, and I have to think with my head instead of my heart (I sound very dramatic) but yes so how is history a level like? Anyone?
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From my experience, it is manageable as long as you put in the work and actively try to work at a high level (which is easier when you are interested). It is a harder A-Level but achieving highly is also very rewarding.

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