Am I making good progress?

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Hey there!
Im 15, 5'7 and over lockdown my weight was peaking around 71kgs, with my waist at nearly 33", thighs around 24" and hips on the brink of 40" - I had BED/Bulimia prior to lockdown and my sudden stop in any form of exercise really didn't help.
For just over a month now i've tried to get back in shape (my plan: working out 5ish times a week, walking 1.5hours on schooldays due to my commute and eating better with less sugar - though i will treat myself once or twice a week). I'm not too sure of my weight as i've stopped weighing myself - it lead me to the brink of an ED at one point (i became obsessed with my weight at one point), and just made me feel **** about myself overall.
Last night i measured myself againt; my waist came in at just over 30", hips about 38.5" and thighs between 22.5-23" - I'm aiming for 27-28", 37"ish and 20-21" respectively, as that's what i was before i started struggling with my mental and physical health.
Is this good progress for the period of time i've been working out and the way i've been eating?
If anyone else has been on a fitness journey during this time i'd love to hear it - i find other people's stories to be the best motivation!
Thanks for reading to the end if you have! I know its long, but I'm tired and don't know how to shorten it - I hope you have a good week!
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first of all YES that's amazing progress you should be so proud but not just because of ur measurements. you've recognised an unhealthy damaging habit (weighing urself) and stopped, that takes great maturity and strength! not only that but you've committed to exercising and eating better, that's better than most of the population and health is really the most important goal!!
I'm on a fitness journey too and its been a right old struggle, I started at the same weight as u but I won't share anything else with regards to weight as I don't wanna be a trigger. infact in terms of exercise and diet, I'm pretty similar too! walk 1.5hrs on school days and workout 5 times a week (always 5x strength and extra cardio i only do if i feel like it as I'm walking 10k 3-4 times a week anyways and its important not to overdo it with cardio) consistency is the most important thing, I've changed my whole lifestyle over the past 4-5 months and its hard but its ok to slip up, getting back on track is what's most important. also slower, long term progress is much better and more sustainable so don't sweat what happens in a month, give it a little longer

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