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Okay to put it briefly:

business and finance undergrad
finance and banking Msc (ongoing)

Finally, FINALLLY got an internship in finance (it's a fintech) but here's the issue.

It's remote I would love it to be in person but the main office is in Singapore and it's not going to happen.

So I need advice. It's an SME and they currently have 22 people (I'll be the 23rd) and I really want to convert this.

I pretty much know that a lot of my work will be grunt work and possibly getting onto 1/2 projects but I have the feeling that It'll take a lot of prep and drive to get them to take me on afterwards.

I want to know from anyone who has experience in or insight in this. How can I do it?

1. Should I state to them that I'd like to work for them afterwards?

2. What can I realistically do (give the remote nature of the job to convince them?)

I won't lie, I'm pretty intimidated by the people who are in my team (ex GS and DBS) so I feel like the standard of employee they want isn't me.

The MD liked me and isn't from IB (which maybe helps with the sympathy points) but given that they're in Singapore I feel like the conversion of this internship will be a lot harder (sponsoring a visa, logistics etc.)

Please Help


A scared Msc student

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