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I'm in year 12 and since the start of the year I had been getting consistently good grades in English Lit. To the extent that my teacher would use my essays to show other students what they should be aiming towards. As you can imagine, that made me confident in my abilities so when I had to write my coursework, I was happy that I would get top marks as I knew the mark scheme very well. I got the results back and I didnt even get a pass.
The only feedback that I had got was that my coursework wasnt 'coherent' (despite the fact that I worked hard to make it seem coherent).
Then I got another ENglish essay back and I got a D and each essay that came back ive gotten worse grades.
I dont know what I did and feedback is nonexistent and unhelpful.
I didnt change anything in my essay writing style.
My essay's seem comparable to my earlier essays so I dont know what I did wrong but now my confidence in my abilities have shattered and I keep procrastinating my English Lit essays to the extent that I panic.
I dont know how to get my confidence back
I dont know how to improve
I dont know what I did wrong
Can somebody give me advice on how to gain back my confidence and smack out a banging essay (I do OCR English Lit btw).
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Honestly, don't worry about it. It's probably just a small bump in the road. Maybe you just didn't write the essay as the teacher intended. If you were previously doing well then just continue to do what you normally do. If you continue to underperform then just talk to your teacher about it and see where you're going wrong.

In regards to the coursework, you may not be checking all of the boxes there either. I'm not sure what your requirements are but maybe check them to make sure. Also, like the essay, just talk to your teacher. They've been through it and are the best people in the country at writing English essays - they'll help you.

I hope you get it all sorted out. Just don't worry too much! I'm sure you don't need to. Good luck.
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It's normal to have some essays which don't go so well... it happens to everyone! If you'd like I'd be happy to have a look through one of your less good essays and give you some feedback - I'm not a teacher but I do write a lot of essays! Sometimes, as said above, it is just about answering all the points on the mark scheme.

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