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Hi. I’ve just applied to Student Finance Northern Ireland. I am a single parent and have been since my child was 6 months old. I am separated from Her father and was asked for evidence of that. He is from another part of the world and after my child was born he went back there permanently as he couldn’t adapt to the culture change here. I called sfni and was asked to send a letter from a person of standing confirming they knew me and my separation details. Eg a solicitor, my doctor, a social worker etc. Firstly, I have never had any dealings with social workers, my dr sees me once a year if even and had never discussed my private life situation, I don’t have a solicitor, my child’s teacher sees me once a year for 10 mins interview. So I have none of those people to give evidence. I asked a family friend who works in a school and she wrote me a letter but it was refused as it wasn’t on letter headed paper. She is furloughed at present and has no access to school letter heads. In England I am aware of the council tax single parent form but we don’t pay council tax here so I sent the equivalent rates bill in my sole name, along with tax credits, bank statement, mortgage account, electric bills, house insurance, car insurance and various others all in my sole name. They were not accepted. The lady who was very nice called to say they couldn’t acceptor any of that but they required a letter headed declaration from someone who knows me. I am now forced to ask a work colleague to hopefully write this but I really don’t want my work knowing I might leave to go to uni. It’s put me in a very awkward situation and caused a lot of anxiety. I am a very private person and have always been but I think I’ve really went out there sending my whole life’s paperwork to prove I am single along with a letter none of which will be accepted. Has anyone else come up
Against this? And if so, what did you do? I see there is a marital status declaration form the SFE use that allows mortgage etc to be assessed as evidence. Why is Northern Ireland different? TIA
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