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Hello there,
I need advice on revising. I’m in 11th grade and as we know that the GCSE’s have been cancelled and been replaced with teacher assessed grades, my school has decided to go ahead with some in school assessments that would play a part in the TAG. I have 2 weeks to revise and I don’t know where and how to start. I have exams for sociology, biology, chemistry, physics and maths. I’m not sure how should I revise for each subject, what would be the best way? I’m don’t think it would be good to start taking any notes this far in as I’ve hear note taking isn’t very helpful especially since I’ve got only 2 weeks.
Please suggest some ways that would be helpful to revise for the subjects above

I also understand that not all methods work the best with everyone but I’m open to any ways
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For me personally, I find it really helpful to make mind maps on each topic, as you’re condensing all the information down into the key points you need, without all the really in depth notes. From making the mind map, you’re learning the information as you write it down which I find really helpful. After making and going over the mind map a few times, I’d make some flash cards with questions and answers, words and definitions, or even pictures for subjects like biology or chemistry e.g. pictures of cells, and then the other side of the flash card has info about that particular cell. I’m in year 12, and this is how I’ll be revising for my exams. Hope this is some help to you, good luck!

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