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A level Psychology IV and DVs

Hi, I'm doing a psych a level and just got research methods question asking what the IV and DV is of this study (below) could anyone help me out on identifying them I'm not really sure?

STUDY: Pelner et al (1989) wanted to see if children could see things from a different persons perspective. This fits with Piaget's ideas about egocentrism - which is the inability to see something from another persons point of view.
Autistic children were shown a smarties tube. The researcher opened the tube and tipped out the contents, out fell a pencil. Then another child entered the room and the autistic child was asked what the other child would think was in the tube.
Non autistic children over the age of 4 years gave the correct answer, smarties. However, 80% of the autistic children responded pencil, the incorrect answer.
Hi there,

The IV, being the independent variable, is what is manipulated and controlled in the research
The DV, being the dependent variable, is what is measured by the researcher

So, in your example, the IV would be the smarties tube and the DV would be the person's perspective (what the child thought was in the box) I believe! :smile:

Toni Bennett,
Arden University Student Ambassador
Why wouldn't the IV be wether or not the child has an ASD diagnosis or not?

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