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Hi everyone,

I’ve had an awful school placement and the pandemic hasn’t helped at all. I was put in a school where I could only attend school 1 day one week and 2 days the next during lockdown. During this time I wasn’t given any opportunities to teach; I was just taking readers out, cleaning tables, I taught 5 online maths starters and took small groups of children out to complete maths and English booklets with no supervision/guidance. The mentor didn’t really acknowledge me until 8th March came and my ULT told her I must now teach the whole class. I was made to independently plan, prepare and teach lessons without any guidance. I was observed by the mentor who was staring at me with cold, impatient eyes. She would undermine ny progress and pick on my mistakes and tell me that my lesson was chaos and said I don’t know what to suggest then laughed which made me cry. She then went to the head to tell her about me being upset and the head said your university can’t turn it on me because they didn’t ask me any further questions when they placed you here and you’re paying them 9k a year so speak to them; they’ll get you through it.

The mentor also told me to speak to my university tutors and told me she can just see it getting worse. When I raised concerns with my university link tutor, she told me that I was overthinking. I then complained to my student support advisor who raised my concerns to the placement co-ordinator; he said he will support me and offered a deferred placement in June for 4-5 weeks.

The university knew i suffer from anxiety disorder and I raised this. They said they’ll ensure reasonable adjustments are put in place in June and that I can work on my targets during this placement.

I am on a BAed course and missed BA2 placement due to lockdown so I have just had 4 weeks teaching experience in BA1 and haven’t really made any teaching progress during the recent placement. Will I be able to meet all the standards in the 4 weeks June placement in a new school?

What are my rights? If I don’t meet the standards, will I have to pay fees for another chance?

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