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I'm trying to decide whether Biology at MMU is right for me. There seems to be a lot of environmental Biology but I'm more interested in human biology and Microbiology (hoping to do a Microbiology masters after BSc) so was wondering if any Biology students can comment on the flexibility of the course and whether I'd be able to specialise more to my interests through the optional modules?
Manchester Metropolitan University
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HI elliob

Thank you for considering studying at Manchester Met! :thumbsup:

If you do choose to study Biology at Manchester Met and you’ll begin by learning the fundamentals of the subject, before exploring the areas that interest you most through a variety of optional units. Along the way, you’ll explore the issues that shape our world and touch our lives – from molecular biology, microbiology and genetics, to ecology, animal behaviour, biodiversity and conservation.

The programme also allows you to develop your own interests in areas such as comparative anatomy and physiology, plant science, brain and behaviour, population biology, biotechnology, biochemistry and the conservation of biodiversity, to tailor your learning to your career aspirations.

You may find it useful to view what units you will be studying in each year of study!

  • Year 1 of the Biology course aims to provide you with a thorough grounding in all aspects of biology. Typical areas of study may include biomolecules cells and micro-organisms, genetics, ecology, physiology and anatomy and diversity.

  • Year 2 offers you a range of units to suit your needs and career aspirations. Typical areas of study may include professional skills, microbiology, brain and behaviour, conservation biology, species interactions, molecular biology, biotechnology and biochemistry.
  • Year 3- If you opt for the four-year placement route, Year 3 will be spent on placement. If you opt for the four-year study abroad route, you will spend your third year studying in either Europe, North America or Australasia.
  • In your final year, you will undertake a final year biology project and select areas of study from a range of options.

You can take a look at the optional units that you may be able to choose to study in year 2 and year 3 of your studies here:

I recommend you attend university open days to gain further insight into the course. Our next series of Virtual Open Days is from the 21-26 June 2021, you can book your place here:

You may wish to explore our On-Demand Open Days in the meantime, where you can view subject presentations, subject areas, virtual campus tour, FAQs from our teaching staff and our student Life Fair covering everything from how to apply, student life, student living, careers to student support and overseas study and exchange. If you are interested you can access the On-Demand Open Day here:

Lastly, you may find it useful to chat with one of our current Students on our Access Platform. Students can chat with you about student life and what it is like studying courses at Manchester Met

I hope this helps! Hopefully, a student will reach out to you on this thread and give their experience of the course.

Best wishes

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