UCL Bartlett Experiences?

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I’ll shortly be starting my final year of my Architecture undergrad at GSA, and I’ve been having a look into where to do my Part 2.

The Bartlett seems really popular especially amongst some of my friends from abroad who are hoping to go there for both undergrad and postgrad. I’m not so convinced though, as having done a summer course at the Bartlett a couple of years ago and seeing the work they produce through social media and some friends, it seems like a super weird course??

It seemed heavily focused on conceptual and philosophical education rather than the actual practicalities of architecture. For example most of my projects to date have been heavily design based (which I love) but also include elements of real world planning in terms of structural design and materiality. The work we produce is centred around the kind of visuals you’d use in the real world of architectural practice like floor plans, elevations, 3D modelling and rendering etc etc.

But all the work I’ve seen from the Bartlett just seems a little mental? 😅 Like I don’t seem to see many feasible projects being produced, and it seems very sculptural and art based even?

If anyone has studied there or is currently studying there and has also had experience at other unis it would be great to hear from you! Maybe I’m just not so ‘in’ with the conceptual side of things, but it all seems so whacky to me! 😂

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