Best textbooks, revision guides GCSE subjects full courses yr 9-11 to get grades 8-9?

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I have limited time and I need to study and go over the whole courses for all my subjects. I not only need to revise but study and learn everything and every single detail, all the content that is covered from* year 9 to 11 for every subject. I don't only want revision books/guides as they contain only brief information and are very minimal, very "key information" type of books, used to revise for the exams and expect me to already know everything and so they provide more questions and practise exercises though textbooks may also include them, but not in a great depth because they primarily teach you, while revision guides expect you to already have gained some knowledge. But I need the basics first. Therefore I* first need textbooks for every subject as they are detailed and cover everything that I need to know from what is covered in the whole/full/complete course from year 9 to 11. Textbooks are more in depth giving you more stuff than you might need, like history and context etc. The subjects I take for GCSE and the exam boards used are:
•Maths - edexcel
•English Language - AQA
• English Literature - AQA
• Geography - AQA
•Combined Science - AQA

Do you know any good Textbooks and revision guides/books for these subjects and examboards used that meet the descriptions above and can help me get a grade/level 8-9 in my GCSEs. Do you also know any good and useful links,websites, resources, exercise books for each subject and any tips and tricks that can help me with this?
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Resources for science would be free science lessons on youtube, they're quick and effective and will teach you basics with a little bit of detail. They have videos for all three sciences for GCSE level.
For english you can use Mr Bruff on youtube, he makes short videos explaining different poems for english literature. There are videos for english language AQA also which are sorted by paper.
For maths use hegarty maths its a quick revision resource which will help recap topics. For learning the content use this textbook 'grade 9-1 GCSE Maths Edexcel Student Book' The higher level one is on amazon for 16 pounds.

For the majority of these it will be helpful to refer to each specification on the exams boards website and then you can search on youtube or something how to answer questions within the topics and learn things this way.
For Geography I am not sure because i never did that. however, on youtube again, there is a good channel called 'planet lacey: geography revision.' which is specific to AQA specification. I know it says revision but watching videos can teach you new things like the basics as well as reviewing.

Hope this helps a bit
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