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Reading week... what subjects?

Whats all this about a reading week coming up? Do us psychologists get one? I have a feeling we don't.. lol :frown:
I think it's mainly for subjects where reading is actually necessary in large amounts....I think it would be English, Welsh, possibly Law..?
Studying at Cardiff University
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i have one for ancient history and archaeology :smile: think most of the humanities subjects do..
It's not fair :frown: I'd enjoy a week of doing nothing lol
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Week 6 is reading week for us engineers, so it's not just humanities and pther things.

Computer science on the other hand doesn't have a reading week, think it's the same for most sciences.
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Not for us lawyers.
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there was one in social science last year... but not in psychology :-)
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For some reason i thought we had a psych reading week last year... lectures seem to be planned out for every week this year though, so i guess not.
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There's one in European Studies :biggrin:

And in Language and Comms, but thats usually the week before the semester ends.
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An excuse for hot chocolates, lie ins, crazy nights out and "shared reading" (couple of chapters each, then pool knowledge :tongue:) with people on your course huh? Or just hard graft, ie... the raison d'être when it comes to being here (or so the mass conspiracy goes!) :biggrin:
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Eng lit's on reading week, but not eng lang or comms, so I still have to go in for those two subjects. My three subjects didn't time their reading weeks together very well...!
Oh god i wish architecture students had reading week :frown: