Breakthrough bleeding on the pill

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I don’t suppose the type of pill used makes much difference but I’m on gedarel 20/150 and taking it continuously.

This is the second time I’ve had breakthrough bleeding but this time seems odd.
The first time was a month into taking the pill and I missed a dose so that was entirely my fault. Breakthrough bleeding didn’t stop on its own so I took a 4 day break as advised by my doctor, during which time (and 3 days after) I had a withdrawal bleed.
It’s now been six months since then and I’ve had no breaks or missed any doses. Not even a few minutes late.
I think this time the bleeding is just bc I’ve been taking it continuously which has been shown to increase instances of breakthrough bleeds.
Anyway, again the bleeding didn’t stop on its own so I’ve started my 4 day break (today is day 1 of 4) but I’ve actually had no bleeding today, which I find odd. I expected the withdrawal bleed to start some time this afternoon but it hasn’t and the breakthrough bleed has stopped. (I take my pills in the morning btw)

I bet now I’ve said this, I’ll wake up to a full pad but I’d just like to know if anyone else had experienced this or knows why there’s no withdrawal bleed yet?
One of my friends said that after she’d been on the pill for a while, she could go 2-3 days without a pill before she had a withdrawal bleed as her body was used to it. Could this be what’s happening with me?
And no I’m not pregnant, it’s been over a year since I last had sex.

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