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(Original post by Maya.kg16)
Hi! So I’m currently in year 12 looking at unis, and I’m getting quite worried about the social/night life. I’m very socially anxious in large crowds but I do well in small groups or with a few friends, and I can get so anxious at clubs/parties to the point I get extremely nauseous, so it just isn’t an option for me.
I guess I was just wondering if anyone had any experience they could share, or knew how much emphasis there was on nightlife or if it’s easy to find people who are similar.
If it helps I’m looking at Cambridge, Bath, York, Nottingham, Loughborough, Sheffield, Bristol, Birmingham and Durham so far but advice from anyone at any uni is welcome!
Hey Maya.kg16,

That's great to hear you are looking at Loughborough! I have studied both my degree and master's degree at Loughborough so can hopefully offer a bit of insight!

Before I came to University, I was really worried about feeling pressured to go out to nightclubs to socialise, however this really isn't the case. Some students like to go out but it is also very common for people to prefer other social activities, such as playing for a sport club or taking part in fundraising activities! Student life is really varied here and there are lots of ways to meet people with similar interests to yourself without having to go out to a nightclub or a busy event.

There are so many extra curricular activities to get involved with and our LSU (our Student's Union) host numerous smaller-scale events throughout the year so there is never a dull moment and lots of opportunity to meet new people. Our LSU have a number of different societies which you can find out more about here. There really is something for everyone and if you don't see a society/club for you, our LSU can support you in setting up your own to meet people who share interests with you.

One thing I have loved at Loughborough is that the University campus also has lots of places to relax and chill with friends on campus, with Hall common rooms, numerous coffee shops and JC's (which serves great food!).

I hope this helps, if you have any questions then please feel free to ask!
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(Original post by University of York)
Hi there, I'll reply to your message in private

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hey hazel i have got your message and i am not a university i litterlary messaged you because it said official rep

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