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I’m 24 male it’s been very long since I’ve felt like I’ve clicked with one someone
Everything just felt perfect
And like always once again I’ve self sabotaged myself some how and the person has lost interest
Like I don’t get it I got such a big heart and willing to give it my everything but no one else does
I’ve always been honest but way too honest
I’m sad that this happens my relationships have been so toxic in the past
my anxiety and depression has triggered like mad because of this
I’m proper hurting coz I’m a softy I’ve been hurt enough times
Why can’t I just be blessed just this once in my life to not screw something up
I don’t even know what I done wrong but you know you can just tell if that makes sense
Unfortunately my instinct has always been correct when something is wrong
I get so motivated when I finally click with someone then it all comes crashing down where I just I don’t want to move I just want to sit there and rot away

You can laugh all you want but I’m just sad these last few months and this person out of no where made things better
but now the crash has happened and mood is extremely low and anxiety is through the roof

Just sad I’m always hurt and I’m so scared to open up to people because of stuff like this

I wish a god would come down from the sky and make things right
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