how to stop being a hypochondriac?

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just wondering if anyone else struggles with this and has any advice?

i have diagnosed ocd which i did have therapy for, however i feel like my health related ocd/anxiety just keeps getting worse and i'm not really in a position to go back to therapy right now. i feel the need to call the doctors weekly as i think i have some kind of terminal illness or that i'm having a heart attack or something. i have an appointment this week but already want to call my GP again and i'm having to stop myself, which causes so much stress when i think there is something wrong with me. i'm a relatively healthy 19 year old so i try to reason with myself that it is very unlikely any of the problems i think i'm having are real, but it is difficult to do.

i also constantly think that someone close to me is going to die every day, i sometimes wake up in the night panicking and needing to check my phone in case i have a text saying that something has happened.

like i said i don't want to go back to therapy, mainly because the first time i was on a priority list for other mental health issues so i got my therapy appointments very quickly, but this time i will likely have to be on a long waiting list. since it was nhs funded cbt, it did feel very rushed and like i never had time to fully open up about every issue with the therapist since they wanted to discharge me as quickly as i came in. i don't want to have the same experience again, but that being said i'm a student and can't afford £40 private therapy sessions, even with the part time job i have.

obviously feel free to ignore this but i just wanted to know if anyone could give me some advice on what to do and how to maybe try and fix this on my own? thanks in advance for reading

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