Assignments make me cry, how do I stop this

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Well thats quite to the point- but I do not blame you one bit, in fact you have every right to feel that way, tbh I feel the exact same way about assignments, there are two main things that may cause you to feel this way, the content of the assignment itself and the stress of being unable to understand or comprehend whats going on and not knowing how or where to start, and the second is the issue of there being a deadline- knowing you have to get a huge piece of work in under a certain time period is daunting in itself, totally understandable, different people have different paces and ways they get around stuff, you breaking down and crying is probably also because this isn't the first time you have done this so you know the consequences of not getting the assignment done correctly or on time which scares you more and leaves you unable to take it all resulting in you crying, what you could try do is once you get the assignment, try to get SOMETHING done even if its little on the day you are given it, this will allow you to have something to continue from which is better than just leaving it empty until the deadline nears and when you try to do it you are faced with a blank paper which is a terrifying scene knowing you haven't done anything- easier said than done, but worth the try, try to ask your teachers to break down stuff you don't understand or email them if it isn't a graded assignment, if your issue is with timing again there are various apps that help with time management but of course its down to the wielder of the sword not the sword itself- idk if I made sense throughout but I hope I did cause I deeply sympathised and agree with you that assignments are hectic af so I hope my reply helped😌

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