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I've got a few questions, please answer 1 or 2 if you do/did psychology A-level.

Do you need to be good at biology? (Like would you struggle if you got below a 6 on bio GCSE?)
Is it mostly content?
How do you personally find it - what's the hardest bit etc?
What are good A-level combos with psychology or what other A-levels did you take if you did psychology?
Thanks in advance
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1. Nope. The only 'biology' related part is Biopsychology (a short section anyway). It's hard to wrap your head around excitation and inhibition at first, but it's such a small part of the whole course that you have time to understand it.
2. Yes, with lots of application questions and a few long-mark evaluations. You can also be asked to set up your own experiment in the paper. Research methods is also present in every exam paper and is the biggest section out of all of them in the exam (worth 40 marks for AQA, I think).
3. Learning all of the evaluations. Almost every new topic within the overall topic needs 4-5 evaluation points and it's not easy to score 16/16, but some evaluation points are methodology related (related to research methods), so you can come up with a few of the same points for almost anything you need to evaluate (e.g. you can talk about validity, reliability, lab studies, replicability, demand characteristics in almost every case, which covers 1-2 of the 4/5 points you need to give for a 16 marker).
4. Anything really. Some people I know do Bio, Chem (+ Maths) and Psychology (it's a good alternative if you want to do Medicine/Dentistry but don't want to do Maths at A-Level). Some do it with Sociology and History. I do it with English Literature and French.
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