i hate my twin blocks so bad!!! helppp

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i got my twin blocks about 2 days ago. i know it’s not long since i have gotten them so i haven’t got used to the feeling, but for some reason they are causing me so much pain. as soon as i put them in they feel really light and make my whole mouth feel so sore. then when i take them out to eat i can’t eat probably because my teeth hurt so bad. it is also not helping my sleep :/ at night they hurt 10 times worse. it feels like the braces are ripping my teeth out and it’s horrible. i can’t seem to sleep in them so i have to take them out. i know that’s a really bad thing to do but the pain so bad. the last thing i find really annoying is that they make me so self conscious. i don’t mind if you can’t see the brace( although mine is quite clear) it makes my face look so long. i have an overbite so i am used to my face looking quite round and (normal) for me. but whenever i push my jaw forwards i look like an absolute idiot. i know it’s because i’m not necessarily used to looking like that but i look so ugly. if i’m being honest. i’ve at my overbite for about 12 years now and i’ve never really been that self conscious about it. it does suck at times. but i’m also a teenager and we are most conscious of our appearance at this point but i don’t really mind it. i’m actually quite proud of it. when the brace is in it also has a gap so my teeth can’t come very close together which adds about 5cm to the length of my head adding onto my now square shaped face from my teeth being pushed forwards. it also makes my side profile looks so unnatural and forced. i’m finding this experience so so so bad. i really hope it all works out in the future. please can someone give me advice on how to cope with my appearance while having this and the pain segment. it would help me so so so much.!!!!

(no joke, i actually look like that moon meme guy with the long face)
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