Leaving my job because of mental health

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What would do in my situation? The very short version is that my mental health is declining due to my new job and lockdown isolation, and I may need to quit my job and move back in with my mum on a temporary basis Long version. I finished my IT degree 2 years ago and started a job in that field. It was good experience for me, and although the salary wasn't great , I was comfortable there. I moved out of my mums house in November last year, right before lockdown 2. It wasn't ideal as I was working remotely and struggling with the isolation. Unfortunately, I was made redundant in February, and thus had to find a new job. I was very lucky to be offered 3 jobs in the space of a week. However, I made the wrong choice! I've only been here for 2 weeks but already I can feel my anxiety going off the scale! I really was not expecting this. I've held a few jobs and I've never ever experienced this before. It's a very small company and the development manager who interviewed me really sold his vision to me and I wws excited to work with him.. However, he suddenly left the company shortly after. I only found out on my first day. Which was a shock. The MD is basically my line manager. Honestly, he is the most rude, confrontational and passive aggressive person I've ever met. The expectations are way too high and I've had several sleepless nights now. I'm working overtime (unpaid) to cope with the workload. Fortunately, there may be a way out. I contacted the other two firms who offered me a job. Whilst one had filled the vacancy, the other hadn't (I'll call this company A). Company A did try hard to persuade me to join but I felt my current role would be better. But I've basically apologised and said I made a huge mistake and listed the reasons why company A would be ideal for me. The vibe was positive and I find out on Friday if their offer is still on the table. If not then I may have to take another route. I may need to leave this company for my own health. I've never worked in such a toxic environment. I'm trying to find a new job first but with me leaving my flat before 8 and getting home after 6, it's very difficult for me to attend an interview. I may have to pull a sickie or another lie to attend an interview. Which isn't ideal. That's if I can't book time off. I find it easy to get interviews and I'll be a lot more flexible to attend if I left my job. I can move back to my mums in July when my tenancy agreement ends. If I left my job right now, I'd be able to support myself financially for 3 months. If I wait until July, I'll have saved a lot more. 6 months expenses at least. In the future I may have a gap on my CV to explain. But I've got no gaps currently and I can just be honest and cite these reasons for leaving. What do you guys think? Is leaving my job for my own mental health a good idea.

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