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i’m not sure which one of these to choose, does anyone know the pros and cons of these halls? thanks
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I have friends at both and visited both halls as well

Pros: amazing location, right next to Tate modern and when you walk outside you are blessed with an amazing view of the London skyscrapers. Close to borough market and people often meet outside close to the millennium bridge to hang out. The hall is quite big and as far as I know the room sizes can depend, considering your price range. I know that with covid, they had some issues regarding the fact that their households were super big but I think in general it is now handled well The hall is also pretty social!!
Cons: even though the location is amazing, it is the only hall that's south of the river and even though it's still not awfully far away from Rosebery, for example, it can be a little off. You have to imagine that LSE is the centre, most halls are somwhat north of it and Bankside is the only lse only one that's south. but hey, there's UBER etc so you should be fine

Carr Saunders:
Pros: the hall is relatively small and the households are about 25, each floor. It is definitely one of the most social halls, there's also a party room in the basement that they let people rent out in COVID times. The location is also fantastic, it's super close to Oxford street and china town etc (really amazing area for a student!) and just generally in an amazing neighbourhood. There are quite a few other UCL accommodations close by, since it's in the UCL area.
Cons: the rooms are quite small and what as far as I know it can sometimes get a little loud if you room is close to the kitchen and people party at night (but usually only on weekends). The fact that it's in such a nice neighbourhood caused the neighbours to be a little picky with noise But ig only at the beginning of the year.

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