Dyslexia and test accomodations

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Hi! I was recently diagnosed with dyslexia and I have a few questions about test accommodations (specifically for the SAT).

If you've ever requested test accommodations from College Board, how long did it take for it to be approved/rejected? What is the chance that a request will be approved?

I've actually already done two SATs and the accommodation request will be specifically be for the subject tests in June. I'm not that sure how College Board would see my request because I don't think my need for accommodation is reflected in my previous SAT scores. I think I've just always dealt with its effects without thinking or knowing that it was a problem but I'm at the point where there is NO WAY that I can finish the test in time (75 physics questions in 60 minutes?! I can't even read 75 questions in an hour!)

I'd love to hear your thoughts, sorry for the rambling & ranting. Thank you so much! ❤️❤️

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