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Hi there, could anybody mark this 12 marker question? I'm trying to practise doing as many 12 markers as I can to get them done nice and quick, and I would like feedback on this one!

"War is inevitable" Do you agree?

There will always be war in the world, because our innate nature leads to us doing what is best for ourselves and this includes acts of war.

One weak argument would be that humans would naturally rather be at peace, supported by Thomist believers. Aquinas argued that it was human nature to be inclined towards good from Genesis 1:27, and because being at war is objectively bad (Matthew 5:9), there is a possibility for there to not always be war in the world. Whilst a good human nature does syllogistically follow from this argument, the premise that war is bad is incorrect from a subjective viewpoint. For many leaders, war is seen as a benefit; from the aggressor's point of view the positive consequences, such as increased wealth and prosperity to their citizens outweigh the negative consequences, which include the inevitable violence against their opponents. As a result, leaders will feel inclined to do these subjectively good, objectively bad actions and renders it unlikely for there to be no desire for war.

An ultimately stronger Hobbesian argument that there will always be war in the world is that naturally our goal is to do what is best for us and what makes us survive. War is often declared when we feel threatened and our natural response would be to attack in possible acts of war for the sole purpose that we, or our group as a whole, survives. This is reinforced through the Hobbesian line of social contract thought, whereby we are primarily self interested and we will do what is best for us, and when threatened, this may involve attacking other people as a group. Whilst some may point out that we may not always feel threatened, the fact that we need to do what is best for us precedes natural greed. This means that, even we are not threatened, we may attack other states to fulfill this greed. Consequently, there will always be war in the world.

In conclusion, there will ultimately always be war in the world, as the psychological way in which humans make decisions is grounded in an egocentric viewpoint which leads to war.
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its good

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