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So I’m kinda stuck between going to Aston or Cardiff to do my foundation year for optometry.
On one hand, Cardiff does a specific to optometry foundation year which Aston doesn’t (it’s more broad and general) but Aston’s location is perfect for me because it means I don’t have to move out and can easily get part time work as an optical assistant if I stay. But Cardiff is a Russel Group uni which is really good. Also many people from my sixthform are going to Aston which I kinda don’t want ..

So essentially the course in Cardiff is more appealing to me but if I go Aston, I’ll be more likely to get work experience/part time job which is also crucial.

Help me decide please!! Also if anyone has done a foundation year in either uni lmk how it was I’m very curious!! Thank you
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Hi, I am no expert in what I am about to say but here is my opinion. Do not thinking about the university if it is a Russel or not in fact I got a Russel university and declined it due to its lack of support on mental health wellbeing I would rather go to a university that will not support if I ever was to be in that sort of position (I'm in a healthy mind set now but who knows what the future predicts) .

However go for something that you can actually gain experience from and you can talk about once you graduate to make you stand out. AT the end of the day we all went to University and we all had the knowledge but are we actually able to put this in place. You can still go university and make new friends without friends from sixth form being in your life. Cardiff University sounds great also but go for what makes you feel comfortable, go for something that will make you enjoy to waking to going to. Do not got to a university because your friends are? Do not go to a university because it is a Russel or non-russel? because at the end of the day we are all paying the same amount for the certificate for whatever it is. Do not make a final decision based on its location.

A few tips on what you can do:
search the university and see which provide better support
Talk to students from the university on unibuddy
Here is the link for Aston:
Here is the Link for Cardiff:
Final TIP FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS and what you see will make you happy

I wish you the best of luck!! If you need anything you could always drop me a message? Good luck

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