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Hey guys,

So I've received an offer to study biochemistry. Initially, I thought this is what I wanted to do - I had quite a strong interest in medicine but decided I'd prefer to go down the research route, so biochem seemed perfect. I am interested in both biology and chemistry so it seemed rational to pick this subject. However, I am now kind of having second thoughts. I've noticed that I'm not as interested in medical research/human biology as I was once before.

I've always loved physical geography and it is definitely my strongest subject, during both GCSE and A-Level. I thought about a geography degree during secondary school but after some research decided against it as it wasn't really sciencey enough for me. I also dismissed geology too without doing much research, as I believed it wouldn't be a very strong degree to have, so I focused more on the biology/chemistry route. After recently researching geology more deeply I've found that it actually looks very interesting, much like physical geography but much more scientific and much more in-depth.

It's such a tough decision to make because both degrees look interesting, I just cannot decide which one would be best for me. I'd love to hear from some people who are studying/have studied geology or biochem, how you're finding the course and what kind of job prospects are ect

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There are some 'natural science' courses where you can do two or more science subjects. From what I remember though, you might have trouble finding one with biochem + geology. For instance, Leeds has a natural sc course with a biochem pathway but lacks geology (instead has an environmental science pathway). Other ones that I remember seeing with Earth sciences lacked biochem specifically (albeit having biology and chemistry, etc).

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