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I am creating a game similar to games like temple run and subway surfers. I am thinking of doing my own twist on the games and creating a game with multiple stages or levels with increasing difficulty weather that be by speed on consistency of obstacles. It will also come with a log in system to reach the data base part of the mark scheme the majority of my marks will come from the object oriented side of things and i am looking into using an import on python called kivy to create the game to be used on a mobile device. I am looking for feedback on this idea as i need some for the analysis stage of my project, negative and positive feedback is appreciated and I will reflect on it before continuing on to the next stage of my project.
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Using Object-Oriented Programming and Database Management will certainly put your project into the correct difficulty scope that OCR or AQA are looking for.
Do consider other things:

  • Is your program too complex? Complexity can generally be defined as: anything related to the structure of a software system that makes it hard to understand and modify the system. This would include Cognitive Load - that is, how much you would have to know and learn for the project? Are you biting off more than you can chew?
  • Can you confidently complete all Assessment Objectives with your write-up? Ensure you have a complete Analysis and Design section as they are worth 10 marks and 15 marks respectively. You can view your assessment objectives here (OCR). Remember: the length of the write up isn't important, as long as you feel like you have covered all objective points to the best of your ability.
  • I think we are cutting it close to the deadline (I'm in the same boat as you, didn't get to start my project until just this month). So make sure you maximize your marks on the write-up parts (Analysis, Design and Evaluation) rather than worrying too much about Development, you do not need a working solution. You can feasibly get 45/70 without writing any code.

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