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I'm in my third year of university currently on a placement abroad with one year of university left.
The research project here is super interesting but we're very much dependent on the analysts and bioinformaticians upstairs and the one physics expert in the lab. I'm very keen on learning more analytic techniques as well as some coding to be able to bring more to the table in a future research setting. So, I have some questions (answers to any are very much appreciated):

- I'm looking at PhDs in bioinformatics/coding (after some time off to get experience etc ofc); whats a good starting point to learn coding? (R/python seem to be the most sought-after).

- Do you know of any postgraduate opportunities to gain experience in analytics? (Companies/grad schemes etc)

- What are the best online resources to use for analytics? (I do a lot of histochemistry so currently trying to work out quantification etc on FIJI/ImageJ)

I'm still trying to kind of work out whether coding etc is for me and it would be really useful to know anything, so any advice will be appreciated, even if it's opinions/personal experiences on the topic.

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