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Hi, I have applied to study Sport Science at the Uni of Birmingham this September. Just wondering what Accommodation is best for student life and fairly cheap, I'm not too bothered about sharing bathroom but I do want to be self-catered
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Hi, I have applied to study Sport Science at the Uni of Birmingham this September. Just wondering what Accommodation is best for student life and fairly cheap, I'm not too bothered about sharing bathroom but I do want to be self-catered
Hi! Congratulations on your offer!

Choosing accommodation can be tricky but it sounds like you already have an idea of what your main priorities are which is the best place to start!
If you are looking for the cheaper options then you will be looking at shared bathroom mainly as the en-suite accommodations costing from £161 a week (for the university owned accommodations). Information about pricing can be found here .

In terms of student life, people tend to enjoy their experiences at their accommodation, and most people will tell you that their accommodation is the best!
I personally lived in Ashcroft in my first year, and I really liked the layout of the flats as they have two showers between six people which was the best ratio for flats of 6 that I could see when applying. There were often parties going on in someones block (pre-COVID).

Many people choose to live on the vale as it hosts many accommodations and the majority of students live there. There is a bar on the vale and places to eat - which you can generally make use of being self-catered. I have heard that the pizzas are great! If you're looking for living surrounded by loads of other students then the vale may be the best choice, but it is further away from campus than some of the others. Tennis courts is a very large accommodation and is often the favourite accommodation to choose because of the large amount of people, and is in the middle ground in terms of pricing for shared bathroom facilities.

Pritchatts park is closer to campus, and close to the university train station which makes exploring the city really easy to do! It is a smaller hub of students than the vale, but still hosts multiple accommodations. I believe they are all shared facilities and all self-catered. Pritchatts park has a lounge/café area which has space to relax with friends, study, and get some snacks! It is a nice place to live and close to Harborne, which has some nice cafes, restaurants, and pubs to explore.

The other village is the Selly Oak village which is the closest to the campus with one being just outside the gate! Selly Oak is only en-suite accommodations, so the prices are higher, but is you want to be close to campus this is great. Selly Oak itself is where the majority of students live in second and third year, so you will be very close to other students. Selly Oak has shops, cafes, bars, and pubs so this puts you the closest to the shops out of the accommodations!

Most flats seem to be between 5-7 people living in them, but there are some flats which are much bigger. I know people who loved living in a large flat as it meant there was almost always someone available to do something with, and lots of people close by to spend time with, inside or outside your flat. The best example of this is Oakley court. Oakley court is within Pritchatts park, and is like its own small community. The flat sizes range from 5 to 13 beds so can be very large and sociable flats! All rooms are shared bathroom, but a small percentage are duplex, which means you share a bathroom with only one other person. This can be a nice middle ground between shared and en-suite. Oakley court is the most expensive of the shared bathroom accommodations, but it is still affordable!

There are the partner accommodations which are mainly in Selly Oak with a couple scattered further away from campus. There are en-suite rooms, so generally more expensive. I believe Calthorpe court is the cheapest of them, and a great price for en-suite accommodation, but is relatively far away from campus. It is close to shops, and your can get a bus to campus on days you don't fancy the walk. The biggest downside is the fact it is further away from the rest of the student accommodations.

I would definitely recommend looking at the universities accommodation page to get as much detail as you can about each place, but I hope I have provided some insight into some of the accommodations which can help you make your decision.

Just a quick reminder to make sure you think carefully about your priorities when picking your top 6 accommodations and that the accommodation guarantee scheme guarantees you a bed within university or partner owned accommodation. It does not guarantee one of your top 6.


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