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University of Hull 2009

Hi Everyone

Anyone choosing to go to Hull University in September 2009. What degree you looking at studying.:yep:

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im thinking of going hull to do sport
Student in halls, University of Hull
University of Hull
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I want to do the BEng Computer Systems Engineering. Did anyone go to the october open day, the university has a great atmosphere and feel about it.
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Yeah it was qutie impressive
I had heard bad things about it but was pleasantly suprised. So suprised its now my firm choice
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Same same. I'm applying to do Marketing.
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im applyin for internationa business
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im applying to do economics :smile:
Psychology :smile:
Psychology :smile:
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Just saw this and have to say hull is actually amazing!!! I've just started and i love it! Ignore what everyone says about it...they lie and probably havent ever been here!! It is a fab uni and a nice city =D
Sorry this isn't really relevant but I had to say it!!!
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not at all, for those of us that really want to go there anyway, its nice to be reassured :smile: only thing that concerns me is the accommodation cos i cant stand the idea of sharing a bedroom! but i spose ill have to live without en suite so i can apply for halls that dont have shared rooms lol.
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As long as you aply on time you will be fine! I got into Hull through decision I ever made =D so applied for accomodation really late and it was either a shared room or a room in Thwaite Hall without ensuite! Decided on Thwaite Hall and got an lovely room :-)
I totally recomend living in halls especially Thwaite..not being biased but I think it is the nicest hall! I defiently think its worth sacraficing an ensuite to get a non shared bedroom! I've never had to waitaround to get a shower...the bathrooms are always clean and normally theres never anyone in there anyway!! The atmospheres fab and you dont have to cook!!! If you do have any questions about hull I can try and answer them =D
LLB Law. :smile:
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Went to the open day, had such a nice atmosphere!

Still deciding whether or not to put it as my firm choice, if not it will definately be my insurance :biggrin:
Computer Science. :smile:
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ive applied for business and financial management for 2009.
Tufft, no one ever picks Geography :frown:
Tufft, no one ever picks Geography :frown:

I have see above ! :p:
9 semiotics
I have see above ! :p:

I might actually go into shock :p: lol. You'll love geography at Hull if you come here, are you planning to do the BSc or BA?