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Hi everyone,Im currently studying an access course in business and on track to achieve about 80 UCAS points. I have applied to DMU to study business management. Fortunately enough they accepted my offer on the conditions I pass my access to higher education course with 30 Level 3 credits at merit and achieve a pass in my functional skills level 2 maths. Due to Covid-19 and the pandemic, most of the teaching was carried out through online classes for the majority of the year and due to this I may have slightly fell behind in work. I’m currently suffering from anxiety and depression and on antidepressants which help me to get through the day. Due to this my tutors have offered me extensions to catch up on the work that I have missed and I am pretty confident that with the support of my tutors and the extensions on the assignments that I will achieve my entry requirements however I’m feeling very nervous about passing my functional skills maths level 2 as I’m terrible with maths as it is and the next few months I’m going to put my head down to catch up on the assignments I have missed, I’m afraid I will not have enough time to study for my functional skills level 2 maths exam.My question is that if I fail my functional skills maths level 2 exam will DMU still let me in due to my mental health not allowing me to get things done. I don’t like using my depression as an excuse but sometimes I get really tired, I have trouble sleeping, feeling sluggish and not being able to even study and sometimes I feel great and when I do feel great I can get my work done and get on top of things. I feel like I’m just stressing for no reason however I don’t want to be disappointed when September comes and I can’t go to my chosen university.My second question is in regards to clearing. Can I still get a place through clearing at the university I have applied to on the same course I have applied to if I don’t meet my functional skills maths level 2 grade? So if I pass my access course and achieve 30 level 3 credits but fail to pass my functional skills maths level 2, will DMU still allow me a place on their course through clearing if there are any available spaces?If anyone can shed some light on this, it will be much appreciated. Many thanks and happy belated Easter
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You need to ask DMU whether they will consider you if you dont pass your functional level 2 maths because of your health issues or whether you would be successful later in clearing without it.

Or see what UCAS advises about what happens when conditional academic criteria is not met, if there is any flexibility.

I was not permitted to enter a course in clearing last year a new application to an additional University with Level 1 maths when they sought level 2. They had loads of vacancies in clearing. There was no wiggle room. I can understand why they did this and want to maintain a consistent criteria. After all, theyd have already turned down earlier applicants who didnt meet the conditions so its not fair to vary them at a later date.
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Hi Arron1999,
I'm Marta and I studied Marketing at DMU. First of all, I'm very sorry to hear that you are experiencing depression and anxiety. I want you to know that DMU has a number of services available for students struggling with mental health, such as Single Point of Access which are one-to-one appointments where you get the opportunity to discuss your worries, receive advice and a plan of action going forward. We also offer a range of one-to-one meetings regarding time management, budgeting or managing your assignments. You can find out more about all that here.

Regarding your question - if you end up not meeting entry requirements, your application will still be considered on an individual basis so it's not a firm "no". If our admissions team won't be able to offer you a place on Business Management, they may decide that you are suitable for an alternative course and cross-offer you. If you end up not liking the course you get a cross-offer to, there's a chance to move your application to another course you like more (but not Business Management) - just give us a call then and we'll see if you meet the entry requirements and if the course is open.

Now, when it comes to business courses, year one is similar for many of them. It is designed to give you a good understanding of various areas that play a role in business - such as marketing, economics or accounting. Year two is when you get into more specialised knowledge. This means that there's an option to transfer to a different course after year one - Business Management, Business and Marketing or Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation. So, being cross-offered doesn't mean you won't be able to study Business Management ever. You can transfer after year one (if you achieve good results), and maybe it will turn out you really enjoy a different area such as entrepreneurship and will end up wanting to move to a course that focuses on it more.

In a situation where the admissions team won't be able to accept you for Business Management or offer you a different course, you can give us a call through Clearing. Normally, you can't apply for the same course through clearing that you applied for in the initial cycle, but as I mentioned above - it's not as important as you may think. The wonderful thing about business courses is that they're flexible and cover various areas so there are opportunities if you change your mind after year one.

I hope that helps a little! Let me know if you have any questions. Overall, I think that worrying at this point won't do you any good. Do your best and when it comes to the results day, there are various options you can look at and we're here to help. I'm sure you'll be fine!

Best wishes,

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