Does my mom have a strange family or is it just me ?

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Basically she has a lot of sibblings and they are always messaging her for help for the little of things . I mean extremely little stuff . They don’t live in this country except 1 one of them . And it feels like she takes responsibility for all of them and their kids which is why she’s so stressed out most of the time. . E.g) my mom buys them clothes and makeup and jewellery they don’t do this themselves as in they don’t buy any clothes all their clothes are from my mom. They send her so many messages on how stressful their day was . I mean it’s like they have nothing good to say I get adult life is tough but they complain about everything . They never ask my mom how she is . It’s like they bombard her with a thousand messages of how **** their day was and expect her to listen and give them tips. It’s so weird . Like I get gossip that’s fine but there’s no bond there. They don’t have any fun conversations. When I meet them irl 2 of them spends time with us and gets to know me and my sibblings .The rest either talk about my mom behind her back to her mom infront of me. Compare their kids to me saying they wish they were like me?! One of them is just extremely pessimistic she always has to complain about something or shout at one of my sibblings even the ones who are 4 years old ? My mom doesn’t see this stuff and it worries me . Sometimes it makes me feel like I’m the critic but come on it’s like they aren’t independent my mom has to do the littlest stuff for them . Like teach them how to live in a married household, pick out their life partners her sibblings wanted her to find their partners ?! Etc.
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Since they ask your mom for help, it could just be that they aren't independent, as you said. You also mentioned that most/all of them have kids. In my opinion, people should not have any kids until they are ready. By ready, I mean that they have everything planned out, husband and spouse living well together and good financial security. Another reason is that it could be that your mom was the oldest of the siblings and they would automatically look up to her.

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