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Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in IT Systems Analysis and Design (Online)

Hi! Has anyone applied for the University of Oxford Continuing Education Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in IT Systems Analysis and Design (Online)?
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Hi @scimmietta this might be a really late reply since you published the question 10 months ago but I am a recent alumni of the ADITSAD 2020-2021 cohort.

Here is my experience (I have divided my response into two sections learning and university life) let me know if you have further questions:


- Since the course is online and part-time you are expected to do most of the learning yourself. All students were given the textbook of each unit when the new unit started. You tend to have 1-2 months for each unit. The textbooks were nice but I found myself just reading the necessary parts of the textbook that were related to my assignment. From there I would watch youtube videos and read various academic journals to understand the content better. One thing to note is that there are no videos associated with each unit so you would have to go on Youtube or another platform and learn the concepts from there if you are a visual learner (unit 4 did have a video made by one of the course tutors which was really helpful).

- The assignments were also released the same time the unit textbooks were released so this gives you plenty of time to see what concepts you need to learn about and to revise. Typically, your assignment grade is released after 4 weeks of submission.

- There are 4 tutors in the course and you are assigned to a tutor at the very beginning of the course along with other classmates. The tutor groups are there for you to ask any questions and to submit the check-up questions that are in the unit textbooks. In my experience, no one was really active in my tutor group but the other tutor groups were quite active. In unit 5 you have to work on a team project with your fellow tutor group members so make sure that you frequently contact your members and make sure they are responsive because there were some situations where the group members were not active and another member had to do most of the work (just make sure you email your tutor early-on if you are experiencing this).

- You could email your tutor for questions but I rarely emailed them. You can expect a response from them in 2-3 days but I mostly found it helpful looking at youtube videos or reading from various websites

- Since my tutor group was not active I found it helpful to frequently check the common room since that was where most of the important updates were. For example, questions about the assignment and course content were addressed there and anyone from the course could write a question there so it was really helpful.

University Life

- I don't know if everything or most of the things at the university are online now but at the time I was doing the course COVID caused the university to go online for that year. Because of this, I was able to join many societies and participate in their events. I received many valuable opportunities related to consulting, banking, finance, artificial intelligence, etc. Even if you do not want to commit to a project you can sign up for the society's newsletter and receive updates on any relevant opportunities. There are also many start-up competitions that run yearly so if you have an idea or want to work with a team that is an option also. When I talked with most on-campus students they were fine with letting me work with them and join their society. Most students wanted to meet up with me on-campus whenever I visited so most students do not care if you are on campus or not. In fact, you have access to most University facilities since you are given a university card at the start of the course

My Thoughts

- Overall I would recommend the course. It really depends on what you make of it. You really need to go a step further if you are not used to independent learning (what I mean by that is you are given the content and terms that you will be tested on and need to teach yourself everything from scratch. There will be no guidance whatsoever you are your own teacher essentially). Taking this course helped me land a job right after I graduated and I believe receiving my Oxford qualification played a huge role in this.

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