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Hi, I'm currently in the process of applying for a MA at NFTS for Composing for Film and Television. Just a quick bit of info about me, I'm a recent Film and Drama Grad student from Uni of Kent who has always had a passion for musical composing. The past two years I've been able to get a bit of experience, composing on a couple Student Films for our yearly film festival, while also recently having the opportunity to be the sole composer for a short film funded by the BBC and produced by Screen South, which from positive feedback from the producers about my music has given me to drive to pursue Musical composing even further by doing an MA. My only problem is that I've never really studied music in education apart from GCSE, therefore I'm a bit hesitant that my experience just isn't enough, although hopefully that is not the case. Therefore does anyone have any tips worth knowing while writing my application, and if there's anyone who has graduated from NFTS who has any feedback from studying there. Thanks in advance!

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