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Official University of Derby Accommodation Thread

Well, hello there 👋 This is the thread for people who want to know what the accommodation options are like for students at the University of Derby.

You can ask questions about our halls of residence or other accommodation

You can chat to people who are going to be staying in the same halls as you

You can get advice on how to prepare for living away from home for the first time

If you are looking for general information about our halls, our Accommodation pages are a good place to start. You can go on virtual tours, look inside the different types of rooms and find out about halls events and social life.

We also have an official applicant thread where you can chat about all things Derby and we have a separate thread about student life in Derby.
Hi folks
I wanted to give you an update on our accommodation.

We won the Best University Housing (UK & Ireland) category in the Global Student Living Index 2022.

And we also won the Best Moving In Experience (UK & Ireland) category.

We were a finalist in the Best Booking Experience (UK & Ireland) category.
The Global Student Living Index is the largest international survey on the quality of student accommodation and the results are 100% based on direct feedback from home and international students.

Thought you might want to know. :thumbsup:
All the best.
Students relaxing
University of Derby
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