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I'd like to change my SFE application for maintenance loan to be based on my household income.
So now I'm completing a form which asks if I have any taxable unearned income, but looking at sources and stuff, I don't quite understand if I do or not?
I don't have any part-time jobs rn, so I do not have any personal income whatsoever, so would I just put £0?

Also in section 2, it asks if I will be employed during the academic year. I'm planning on getting a part-time job to get some extra pocket money during uni, so I'm guessing I would put yes. But then it asks
"Will your employer be releasing you to attend your course this academic year?"
"During this academic year, will you or your employer pay any money into a pension fund on your behalf?"

Both of which I don't understand what they are asking about AND I don't even know if I will definitely be employed during the year 2021/2022.

So what am I supposed to put in there???

Any help is appreciated! Thank you.
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Oh also, since I can make another application, I really want to get my household income assessed if my first posts' thing isn't gonna work.

Basically, my university offers bursaries based on household income, which relied on SFE sharing my household income with them. But after I submitted my application, I realised I was not asked about household income, therefore I am trying to do this now by "changing my application". Though tbh I'm quite happy with the loan I've already applied for, so I just want the household income assessment.

Can I make another application but apply for £0 this time just to get the assessment? Or will that not work?

Thanks again.

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