pls i need help on English language question 4

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here is the extract and question only question 4 i need help
The Goldfinch
1 Things would have turned out better if my mother had lived. As it was, she died when I was a kid;
2 and though everything that’s happened to me since then is thoroughly my own fault, still when I
3 lost her I lost sight of any landmark that might have led me someplace happier, to some more
4 populated or congenial* life.
5 Her death the dividing mark: Before and After. And though it’s a bleak thing to admit all these
6 years later, still I’ve never met anyone who made me feel loved the way she did. Everything came
7 alive in her company; she cast a charmed theatrical light about her so that to see anything through
8 her eyes was to see it in brighter colours than ordinary – I remember a few weeks before she died,
9 eating a late supper with her in an Italian restaurant down in the Village, and how she grasped my
10 sleeve at the sudden, almost painful loveliness of a birthday cake with lit candles being carried in
11 procession from the kitchen, faint circle of light wavering in across the dark ceiling and then the
12 cake set down to blaze amidst the family, beatifying* an old lady’s face, smiles all round, waiters
13 stepping away with their hands behind their backs – just an ordinary birthday dinner you might
14 see anywhere in an inexpensive downtown restaurant, and I’m sure I wouldn’t even remember it
15 had she not died so soon after, but I thought about it again and again after her death and indeed
16 I’ll probably think about it all my life: that candlelit circle, a tableau vivant* of the daily,
17 commonplace happiness that was lost when I lost her.
18 She was beautiful, too. That’s almost secondary; but still, she was. When she came to New York
19 fresh from Kansas, she worked part-time as a model though she was too uneasy in front of the
20 camera to be very good at it; whatever she had, it didn’t translate to film.
21 And yet she was wholly herself: a rarity. I cannot recall ever seeing another person who really
22 resembled her. She had black hair, fair skin that freckled in summer, china-blue eyes with a lot of
23 light in them; and in the slant of her cheekbones there was such an eccentric mixture of the tribal
24 and the Celtic Twilight that sometimes people guessed she was Icelandic. In fact, she was half
25 Irish, half Cherokee, from a town in Kansas near the Oklahoma border; and she liked to make me
26 laugh by calling herself an Okie even though she was as glossy and nervy and stylish as a
27 racehorse. That exotic character unfortunately comes out a little too stark and unforgiving in
28 photographs – her freckles covered with makeup, her hair pulled back in a ponytail at the nape of
29 her neck like some nobleman in The Tale of Genji – and what doesn’t come across at all is her
30 warmth, her merry, unpredictable quality, which is what I loved about her most. It’s clear, from
31 the stillness she emanates in pictures, how much she mistrusted the camera; she gives off a
32 watchful, tigerish air of steeling herself against attack. But in life she wasn’t like that. She moved
33 with a thrilling quickness, gestures sudden and light, always perched on the edge of her chair like
34 some long elegant marsh-bird about to startle and fly away. I loved the sandalwood perfume she
35 wore, rough and unexpected, and I loved the rustle of her starched shirt when she swooped down
36 to kiss me on the forehead. And her laugh was enough to make you want to kick over what you
37 were doing and follow her down the street. Wherever she went, men looked at her out of the
38 corner of their eyes, and sometimes they used to look at her in a way that bothered me a little.

que 4
Q4. Focus this part of your answer on the second part of the Source from line 18 to the
A student, having read this section of the text, said: ‘The description is so vivid that the
character of the mother really seems to come to life.’
To what extent do you agree?
In your response, you could:
 write about your own impressions of the mother
 evaluate how the writer has created these impressions
 support your opinions with references to the text
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i have done 1 paragraph where the mother is being described line 22 but i dont know what other paragraphs to write

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