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Last week friday, my friend: Joe Todd from New York was driving, in an electric car, in the streets of New York at a deadly dangerous speed of 120MPH and smashed into a parked police car like an avalanche. Joe could’ve been in a coma, wounded or even dead, however Joe didn’t have a single bump, a single bruise or a single broken bone. Others argue “he was fortuitous”. But this isn’t the case. This actually hasn’t occurred once. Many, many times there have been accidents like this, but people in an electric car were alive. Electric cars are strikingly safe. So, today I will talk about “Why Electric Cars are the Future ?” Back to Joe’s story electric cars are strikingly safe as the only reason why he was alive is because it has a reduced crumpling during accidents. As this slide presents the hood of a gasoline engine and an electric engine. Notice how the gasoline engine is coated with tanks, pipes and wires but in an electric nothing it’s empty. Electric cars, infact, cause the number of deaths in an accident to plunge down to 1 in a 500 million.

No 2 the reason electric cars are the future is that they aren’t those thirsty engines draining all the fuel in a couple of miles. This isn’t the case for electric cars. They are future as they can go to a staggering 215 miles in a single 30 min charge. What’s even more mind blowing is that by 2030 it can go to 1000 miles in a single charge.

No 3 “Why Electric Cars are the Future” is that they are cheap. Competitors argue its battery only causes the battery to transform. However, between 2010 - 2020 battery prices have plummeted down by 87%. It’s price further cheapened how it's 11p cheaper to run per mile, it's tax-free and it's recharged for free! Electric cars are cheaper to run than gasoline cars, so why can’t we have an electric, cheap and prodigious car.

I know that the 30 of us know that a key improvement is its acceleration. Making it accelerate at lightning speed. From this upcoming video it shows an incredible acceleration of the electric car Tesla Model 3 VS diesel Porsche Z06. Obviously, it's a fair point to hold as the acceleration is best suited for the future hence why electric cars are the future.

Moreover, “Why are Electric Cars the Future” is that they are as quiet as a still frozen grave. Everyone must hate when suddenly they surface out of their sleep due to a gasoline car's engine producing that brutal cacophony. Rest assured, that you won't need to endeavour through that hardship with electric cars as they are dead quiet.

Finally, the most important thing is sustainability. Not even a single drip of harmful chemicals is produced in electric cars whereas gasoline produces toxic gas. Tonnes and tonnes of it.

But, others like the principal of this school: Mr Taylor, doesn’t agree that “Electric Car will be the Future”of how: “Electricity is produced from power stations which equals the same amount of pollution that’s being produced. It’s also not an important topic as our supplies will last for centuries.”

To prove Mr Taylor is wrong, the USA in 2019 had their pollution rates have decreased by 40% just from 30% of their cars being Electric. If the USA were to have 100% of electric cars, just imagine how much pollution rates would dive down. Clearly he isn’t right.

Secondly, our fuel supply won’t last for centuries. No. It's actually a disbelieving 39 years left. Half the time. It’s so paramount as we rely on cars so much for travelling, for shopping or even exploring. But, there’s only 39 years left for all petrol diesel cars to be as still as ice. We could use hydrogen or biofuel, as an alternative, but those disadvantages are way too heavier than the advantages. Electric Cars are the future strikingly safe, cheap, lightning acceleration, quiet as a still grave, sustainable and travel long distances. Long distances Why can’t it be the fu ture!

“A key thing of it being the future is that they must be autonomous. Are Electric Cars Autonomous ?”

Yes in fact it will be the first fully-autonomous car. Simply entering your location. Done you won’t need to drive the car. Gasoline cars are only partially self-driven and will later on become self driven. By 15 years time.

Definitely, we can’t classify electric cars being the future if they aren’t autonomous. It will actually be the first fully autonomous car which is electric. In comparison to other fuel source cars they are expected to become fully autonomous by 2030. Simply entering your location then it will do the rest. You can talk, you can eat, you can sleep while it takes to your destination.

“If they are the future. How many charging ports are there. Will there be enough.”

There’s a myriad of charging stations for them, right now. Regardless, in a couple of years it will like an infinite amount. We’ve even got charging stations on the same street as the school. Given that they are the future they can be charged in our garage as well as being charged by lampposts. It’s also further eased the issue that car statistics can be synced to your phone making it much more convenient.

“How reliable can it be ?”

Very very reliable. More reliable than gasoline. In a electric there’s only 20 moving part but in a petrol there’s 200 moving parts. 10 times as much. Less chance of a breakdown. Less money spent on maintenance.

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