Unit 4: preparing a written assignment

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You are required to produce An assignment plan that will support you when writing an illustrated report for your unit 5 assignment.

You do not need to write the report for this unit-you only need to produce an assignment plan.

Your assignment plan needs to be as structured and detailed as possible so that you can use it when completing unit 5.

Using the timetable approach to assignment planning, you should firstly list of all the stages that you are going to need to complete for the unit five assignment from reading the assignment brief to producing a first draft through to producing your final draft and submit in it for marking.

You must review the unit 5 assignment brief and the relevant assessment criteria before producing your assignment plan. your assignment plan must then include a structured and format of the unit 5 assignment including any sections,heading and word count(s).

Where are you include the first draft you need to break this down into different sections you will need to write an illustrated report following the recommended report format this is in section 1.1 of the study materials for the academic writing skills unit each section within the report format includes an indicator number of words you must you should appropriate this information into the assignment plan.

You then need to allocate each of the stages a suitable timeframe for come completion the submission date for your report is 10 days from today and the start date is today ensure that you use actual dates within your assignment plan and not week one week two ect.

Once you have done this you should enter all of your stages and their allocated time frame for completion into timetable or chart. refer to the timetable provided in the assessor guidance for this assignment.

You can then review your timetable to ensure that your timescales are realistic and that you are going to be able to submit your assignment for the set deadline.

The totable approach to the assignment plan and should include-

• An outline of the content format structure and layout including relevant word counts.
• deadline for the production of the first draft
• allocated time for proofreading and amending
• deadline for the production of the final draft
• allocated time for final checking
• The submission date.

This task aims to support the development of assignment planning skills.

You should refer to your study materials for additional guidance and to check what you should include in an assignment plan you should play particular attention to the section explains the timetable approaches to the assignment planning

Use MS word or Excel (or similar) produce your assignment plan you must then upload this document to pearl do you not copy and paste your assignment plan into the text box for this question

Please please can someone help me 🥺
I’ve been sat staring at the screen for hours I’m getting so stressed out!! Thank you in advance ❤️
Jack stephens
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