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Hi all,

I’m currently at uni which Im no longer interested in finishing and I feel I am wasting my time on it the more time I’m spending with my studies although I’m studying.

I certainly have no interest in going to the industry nor getting a masters ewww, but pursue my entrepreneurial inspirations.

I’m currently in 3rd year and I would like to find out more about the ordinary degree. I’m able to get an ordinary degree from my university which is fantastic.

How valuable is it?
Is it recognised in foreign countries such as the US, as it will say Beng in computer science?
What does an ordinary degree look like on a paper?
Is an ordinary degree classified as a degree? So will I be able to say, I got a degree in Computer Science?

Thing is I’m even regretting entering the uni environment, especially the one I’m currently studying and I have no interest in continuing pouring money into it just for a piece of paper.

Any help?
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